Romance and date ideas in your email

  • Not sure what to do this weekend?
  • Need more romance in your life?
  • Spark gone out of your marriage?

After publishing Ready-to-go Dates (a free guide with 20 dates that you can go on in 20 minutes or less) I got a lot of great feed-back. And every person asked for more date ideas. While I have many more date plans, most of them don’t meet the 20 minute time-frame.

And so I started Dates by Design. Subscribers receive two unique date ideas each month, in addition to at least two romantic ideas to show their spouse how much they care.

What you’ll receive

Every month I send out 4 emails:

  • On the 1st you will receive an idea for a quick date:
    – “Kiss me where I’ve never been kissed before” – find a parking spot that neither of you have been to before and make-out with each other
  • The 7th will find a romance tip in your inbox:
    – give your spouse a massage, including tips and advice
  • A detailed date idea will arrive on the 15th:
    – “The great photo scavenger hunt challenge” – complete with printable rules, lists, and prize suggestions
  • And the 21st provides a second romance tip:
    – write a love note, along with examples and suggestions

(Occasionally I will send additional emails with extra suggestions, such as time-sensitive dates or surprise gift ideas that I find. You will never receive more than 6 emails in a month, however.)

Please note what you will NOT receive when you sign up for Dates by Design

  • No spam.
  • No emails from anyone but me, Matthew.
  • No flood of emails. You will never receive more than 6 emails each month.
  • No hidden costs. There is a flat, monthly fee (and if you aren’t happy after the first 90 days you get that back!)
  • Ideas that don’t work. My wife and I test all of these ideas before you receive them. We actually go on the dates, give the gifts, and do the things that I suggest. Sometimes they don’t work out as we hope, and those ideas are then either tweaked for improvement or they are discarded. (Fortunately, that doesn’t happen very often, and my wife loves this “testing” process!)

If you are ever unhappy with Dates by Design, you are free to unsubscribe at any time. However, if you don’t have a better dating life in the first 90 days, cancel your membership and receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Dates by Design help me find a date?
    No, it is written with couples in mind. It provides no advice on finding someone to date.
  • Do I have to be married to join Dates by Design?
    Even though it is written from the viewpoint of a married couple, Dates by Design will work for any couple who is looking for more romance and date ideas. Whenever the date plans say “spouse” simply insert boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Is Dates by Design only for men?
    Nope. As a man, I am writing from a man’s point of view. However, all of the ideas are vetted by my wife before they are mailed. Each of the date ideas can be done by a woman just as easily as a man (and that is why I always use the gender-neutral term “spouse”).
  • Are all of the Dates by Design ideas free?
    Unfortunately, no. Though many of the date ideas will be free, a lot of them will have some cost associated with them. If you are only looking for free date ideas then I would suggest getting a free copy of Ready-to-go Dates.
  • How much will the Dates by Design dates cost?
    As touched on in the the previous question, many of the date ideas will be free. However, a good number of them will involve some sort of expenditure. These costs will range from a couple dollars for a card to a hotel room and dinner. There will be at least one “opulent” date each year.
  • What if I don’t like the Dates by Design idea?
    I try to provide a variety of date ideas that would be of interest to a lot of different tastes. Unfortunately, this means that they won’t all interest everyone. (This is part of the reason that the guarantee is for 3 months, in case someone just happens to sign up on a month that doesn’t appeal to them.)
  • How much does Dates by Design cost? – How do I pay for it?
    Dates by Design has a monthly subscription fee of $10. More than a cup of coffee but less than movie tickets. After signing up for the newsletter you will be sent to the Amazon Payments website where you will enter your credit card information. Then each month you will automatically be charged. (Amazon Payments is free to join.)